Stephen and Jessica Thomas

Stephen and Jessica Thomas were both born and raised in Green Country, Oklahoma. The two met when they were seventeen and eighteen, respectively, and married in 2006. After different attempts to find their true calling, Stephen and Jessica discovered that their favorite pastime was to travel, see new sights and experience all the world has to offer. Oh, and they also discovered a love for the best restaurants! After travelling all over the country for personal enjoyment and wishing for a way to make a living travelling, the idea struck them to become food and travel bloggers. Quickly deciding that this was not enough, they decided to write first a book determining the best restaurants in Oklahoma. But, their ambition were much too big to be contained within one state. They are now focused on travelling to each state and experiencing the best each one has to offer and sharing it with the public.

Another thing they realized in their travels is how prevalent chain restaurants and stores have become in all areas of the country. Alarmed by the increasing homogenization of the country, Stephen and Jessica have taken it upon themselves to champion small, local businesses and to do all they can to help them flourish. Not only that, but to help expand people’s horizons, be it in the culinary spectrum or just in general, in order to improve their quality of life. It is another goal of theirs for people to abandon the chains and focus entirely on shopping and eating locally.

Stephen and Jessica Thomas have made it a mission to try the best restaurants wherever they go. They have made it their lifestyle to learn and experience the cuisines and restaurants of areas all over the world. They have developed an objective way to compare diverse and different restaurants in order to determine which is better. They currently write and manage the blog Food Crickets in order to share their insights with the world. No one puts more thought into what they eat and where they eat.