Susannah Harris

Susannah Harris was born and raised a true southerner in Jackson, Mississippi. She attended The University of Mississippi, or “Ole Miss”, through undergrad and continued on to the nursing program. Upon graduation from nursing school, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2006, where she spent the next fifteen years working in the not so glamorous world of healthcare. During that time, she married a native Nashvillian and had two beautiful children, Ruffin and Lou Lou.

After experiencing a once in a lifetime pandemic in the most up close and personal way, Susannah decided to reevaluate life as she knew it. The result was acknowledging an innate need and deep desire to return to her true self- a creative and a storyteller. She writes both southern novels and nonfiction short stories.

While balancing family and motherhood with the daily nine to five grind, Susannah found light in the darkness through her writing as well as all the beautiful things the South has to offer and are dear to her heart. When she is not writing, you can find her chasing after her small children, walking her beloved Red Fox Labrador, attending an SEC sporting event, creating a beautiful tablescape, or taking a hot yoga class because she cannot bear to be away from the humidity of the South for one second. The Carter Charm is her debut novel.

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