Taylor Gillion Stahr

Taylor Gillion Stahr is a growing author of sci-fi and fantasy novels such as the upcoming series The One Called Mignonette. She was born in Greenwood, South Carolina but grew up in a small historic town called Ninety-Six. She spent her younger years in the countryside growing up on a small family farm ‘out in the sticks’.

There wasn’t much to do given that the closest big city was an hour away, so an active and vivid imagination has always played a role in her life, whether it was in her writing or in her paintings and drawings. Creeks and backwoods were what she knew, but at the age of 19 she moved to Virginia Beach away from it all. Now living the beach life she spends her days with her three children.

Her creative side extends well past her love for writing. She enjoys her day job working as a dog groomer and spends her free time painting and drawing. Always the homebody, she would rather stay in watching a new hit anime with her family than a night out on the town.

A few of her favorite things include anime (Naruto being her forever top favorite), punk rock music, and spicy foods. Punk bands such as Too Close to Touch, I Prevail, and My Chemical Romance gave her inspiration through the chapters of The One Called Mignonette.

Her friends and family have described her as strong, stubborn, goofy, and down to earth.

Her website is https://www.tlrgillion.com/

Follow her on Facebook @tlrgillion or on Twitter @GillionTaylor

The One Calls Mignonette (book one in the Mignonette series) coming Spring 2023!

Created in a lab and kept secret from the world, two young subjects are born with incredible powers. Over the years, the brother and sister are abused and manipulated by the very doctors who created them—all in the name of research. This cruel life is all they know, and all they have is each other. Enter Lieutenant Cassady Small, a detective with a chip on his shoulder who spends his days protecting the city from rouge transhumans and trying to avenge his fiancée’s death. The onset of visions of a girl with one blue eye leads Cassady to Facility 3 where he tries to rescue the brother and sister from their abusers. But . . . in a world full of superhumans, it’s hard to know who is fighting for the right side.

Who will love Taylor’s Mignonette series? Young adults and adults who enjoy superheroes, sci-fi fiction, super villains, and mystery.

Interesting fact (or two): The cover image was commission by a small local artist. On the original image, the two characters were tastefully/modestly nude, but the publisher asked for them to be clothed.

What competing books are on the market, and why is this book different/better? Taylor says, “I have not personally read any competing books on the market. I feel that my book takes the childhood dream of a world with superpowers and adds a dark twist to it. My book shows the dark side of putting power into the wrong people’s hands.” TouchPoint says, “Taylor’s series is a marriage of dark sci-fi with fantastical elements, then she goes a step further by adding mystery and a detective to the mix. Veronica Roth’s Divergent series is not a ‘competing series’ per se, though we feel Divergent fans will enjoy Mignonette.”