Timothy Best

Tim Best

Tim has had the good fortune to work with some of the best-known advertising agencies in the country serving some of the best-known brands in the world. These would include Fortune 100 companies like GM, Walmart, Coca-Cola, and Honda. Most people would be familiar with his award-winning work for yet another Fortune 100 name, Allstate Insurance, and its highly successful character of “Mayhem.”

But in addition to this large agency, large account experience, he also co-founded an agency in Nashville and ran it for over a decade, growing it from just two to 23 people with a second office in Orlando. As you might suspect, this caused Tim to wear a lot of different hats besides Creative Director. He was a Brand Strategist, Account Supervisor, PR Person, Data Researcher, Broadcast Producer, New Business Generator, and he also scrubbed the toilets when the cleaning crew didn’t show. Such is the life of an ad mogul.

He also taught a 300-level advertising class for three years at the University of Alabama. So, Creative Director, ad agency principal, a well-established track record for winning new business, writer, brand strategist, broadcast producer, ever-optimistic mentor, and university instructor. That sure makes Tim uniquely qualified. For what, we’re not sure. But something!

Connect with Tim online: www.timbestonline.com

Books by Timothy Best


Gold MarCom Award, Best E-Book, 2016

Substitute Angel
Marcom Platinum Award

Tim’s debut novel, Substitute Angel, a 2013 Marcom Platinum Award winner, is available in ebook and paperback format at major retailers.


The prequel/sequel to Substitute Angel, The Intended Ones, also a Marcom Platinum Award winner (2014).

The K’Terrian Affair is out now!

  • Substitute Angel, Platinum MarCom Award, Best E-Book Cover Design, 2013
  • Substitute Angel, Editor’s Pick, In D’Tale Magazine, 2014
  • Substitute Angel, Reader’s Recommend Award, Coffee Time Romance & More, 2014
  • Substitute Angel, featured in the “Hot Indie Author Guide” American Library Association Conference & Exhibition, 2016
  • The Intended Ones, Platinum MarCom Award, Best Paperback Cover Design, 2014
  • The Intended Ones, “Excellent Rating,” In D’Tale Magazine, 2015
  • A Farm In Pennsylvania, Gold MarCom Award, Best E-Book, 2016

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