[Updated May 8, 2020]
This page has been created to keep you informed on how COVID-19 impacts our services and to provide answers to common questions during this time. Detailed information follows the publisher’s letter below.

A letter from our Publisher

Our response time is delayed due to the impact COVID-19 has on our business and our staff—professionally and personally. We will respond to all messages as soon as possible.

We are proud to be a publisher that offers remote work as the norm, but we still face the same struggles as publishers who have staff on-site. With school closings and many parents now homeschooling their children, there will be delays in all areas (editing, design, new releases) until we either see a drastic improvement in the spread of COVID-19 or there is some significant way to safely balance everything. Every aspect of the publishing industry is impacted from the behind-the scenes work to production and deliveries to accounting.

While this international pandemic has changed so much for everyone in a short period, it has also given us the opportunity to realize how blessed we are.

We are spending more time with family. We are caring for our neighbors. We are being more compassionate all around. We have a greater understanding and appreciation for parents who homeschooled before it was mandatory. Homeschool parents are counted among our world’s many heroes!

People are learning how to get by with very little, whether it be groceries on the table, reduced income (or complete lack thereof), inability to travel to get basic necessities, and many other changes. It’s also important to remember and help those who cannot help themselves—the elderly, those with disabilities, and those who already struggled financially before this pandemic. For so many, life was hard enough before COVID-19. Let us all strive to be a helper and a light to others.

We continue to pray for our world, our medical professionals, our law enforcement, military… for everyone working endlessly to bring care to the sick and to keep our communities safe. We are praying for those who brave the risks to deliver goods to hospitals, stores, and countless others. So many can’t isolate themselves (waste services, postal workers, delivery drivers).

This time has brought so many communities together. That is a blessing. It is my hope that we will continue to support one another during this time, and that when this is over, we will continue with the same spirit of loving kindness.

Everyone at TouchPoint Press thanks you for being understanding during this time. We thank you for supporting our authors. Be safe and vigilant but never stop showing kindness!

Many blessings,
Sheri Williams


Bookstore Customers:

If you have placed an order via the TouchPoint Bookstore for a title that is scheduled for release, your order will be processed on release day. However, we are not certain of delivery times or delays as each shipping carrier has their own policies at this time, as does Amazon. However, Amazon and Barnes and Noble are also experiencing delays with many orders.

Readers, if you want the fastest service, please order print copies (softcover and hardcover) directly from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You may order ebooks from us at any time as these are instantly delivered to you.

Vendors and Readers: If you are waiting on an order placed through the TPP bookstore, please know that orders are processed in the order they are received. If the book you ordered is a preorder, it will be (or has been) processed on release day. As noted, shipment and delivery times are extremely delayed. We can provide estimated delivery dates when this information is received from our distribution network; however, we have no control over the respective distributor’s timing or related delays. We do appreciate your patience and understanding, and we thank you for supporting our authors!

We are also happy to offer discounts on ebook orders during this time. If you do not see a discount code on our main page, you can use code KINDNESS for all ebooks in the TPP Bookstore. This code can be used an unlimited number of times on any ebook in our store.

Current Authors/Agents:

New/forthcoming releases:
Any release already in progress will continue as planned. For titles that have completed edits and are in formatting will continue but could be slightly delayed (case-by-case basis dependent on staff availability and health). Titles that have not been edited will be rescheduled based on current and future situations. We will update information on this page as it becomes available.

Major bookstores and many indie bookstores have cancelled all author events until further notice. If you have events scheduled and have not received a cancellation notice: 1) follow up with the event manager, and 2) be vigilant if your event is still on schedule. Your health and safety are MOST important. We can always book events when it’s safer.

Our accounting department will be closed until June 30. We will reassess the situation at that time and post updates here. Some distributor payments are delayed, but we are hopeful they will not be significantly delayed. Delays vary by distributor and the current situation in their respective finance departments (i.e. staff shortages, et al). At present and as of May 8, 2020, we are not seeing major delays and all quarterly statements will be processed though quarterly statements will be about 2 weeks delayed due to our reduced staff.

Prospective Authors/Agents:

We appreciate your interest in TouchPoint Press and welcome continued submissions. Please be patient as we are reviewing submissions as time permits. As we are sure you understand, titles currently under contract must be a priority. We do want to hear from you, and we will work to respond to all inquiries as soon as humanly possible.


We are happy to schedule remote interviews for our authors and to send review copies of current or forthcoming titles.

Email to:

  • schedule an interview
  • request a digital review copy (no physical copies will be mailed during this time)
  • set up or inquire about a blog event

The media department will respond to all requests as quickly as possible.