New Releases

August 2022

The Grave with Greener Grass
DL Havlin
Evangelism and Expulsion: Missionary Work Among the Cherokees until Removal
Dennis L. Peterson

July 2022

All the Girls in Town
Staci Greason
Sacred Journaling: Ten Ways to Use the Power of Words to Craft Your Ideal Life
Leilani Barnett

June 2022

Unpredictable Winds
Thomas Chin
Two Twins
Rene Perez
Love in Budapest
Robert Babirad

May 2022

Visible Signs
Grace Marcus
Alzheimer’s Fantasy in the Key of G
Kirsten Levy
Once in a Lifetime
Suzanne Mattaboni
The Double Exposure Murder
Jeanne Quigley

April 2022

The Roads of War
John Cameron
Both Cleaving and Cleaving
Michelle Thorne
Travels with Maurice
Gary Orleck
William Walsh

March 2022

Death on the Set
Rose Kerr
Once in a Lifetime (ebook)
Suzanne Mattaboni
Middle of Nowhere
Stan Escott
Madd Inlet
Tim Swink

February 2022

Agave Blues
Ruthie Marlenée
Twelve for Twelve
Dawn J. Rasmussen
No Stone Unturned
M.S. Peke
Quilt City Murders
Bruce Leonard
Wolf Catcher
Anne Montgomery

January 2022

To Alice
J. Peter Cobb

Angels Falling
Mike Krentz

Second Chance: A Kidney Between Us
Tina Shyver-Plank

November 2021

The Prisoner of Paradise

Rob Samborn

Storm of Passion

Rebecca A Corio

The Ascension of Mary

William West

A Westhampton Beach Christmas

Robert Babirad

The Foresight of Miriam Asquith

Timothy Best

Rise Up, Sista

Kristine Simelda

The Ageless Gem

Raeann Gillberg

The Earth Remains

Shelley Burchfield

La Mia Sorella

Kiki Przewlocki

Family Circle: Claire St. John

Amanda Umfress

Life Rolls Along

Linda Nielsen

Scarlet Secrets

Christie Leigh Bairad

Momma, Can You Hear Me?

Ty Keenum

The Exhumation

Nick Padron

October 2021

Knight and Daye

Daniel Reece

A Christmas Heart

Christie Leigh Babirad

I Did My Best

Jennifer Ella Rose Series Book 1

Cheryl Babirad

The Last Season

Jenny Judson & Danielle Mahfood

Through a Bakery Window

Catherine Zebrowski

Nightmares of Strangers Volume 1

Multiple Authors

A Millionaire’s Dream

Bret Wonnacott

Nothing Else is Love

Gina Linko

The Black Circle

Rachel Homard

Charlotte’s Story

Carolyn Korsmeyer

Twinkle’s Promise

Stephanie Campbell

Fire and Water

The Trebor Tales Book 3

Caroline C. Barney

September 2021

Murder by Plague

Alphonso Clay Civil War Mystery Series, Book 4

Jack Martin

What Seems True

James Garrison


A Novel Based On A True Story

Avery Caswell

Blue to the Rescue

A Touch of Kindness Series, Book 1

Amy Poindexter, Illustrated by JoAnna Willoughby

The Castle

A Novel

Anne Montgomery


Dean Serravalle

August 2021

Always Play the Dark Horse

Sharon Healy-Yang

Hamer’s Quest

Jack Walker

Blood Brother

A Memoir

Susan Keller

Slip Soul

A Novel

Taylor Garcia

We Are Family

Understanding Mental Health for Children and Young Adults

Stephanie Campbell