New Releases

October 2021

A Millionaire’s Dream

Bret Wonnacott

Nothing Else is Love

Gina Linko

Charlotte’s Story

Carolyn Korsmeyer

Twinkle’s Promise

Stephanie Campbell

Fire and Water

The Trebor Tales Book 3

Caroline C. Barney

September 2021

Murder by Plague

Alphonso Clay Civil War Mystery Series, Book 4

Jack Martin

What Seems True

James Garrison


A Novel Based On A True Story

Avery Caswell

Blue to the Rescue

A Touch of Kindness Series, Book 1

Amy Poindexter, Illustrated by JoAnna Willoughby

The Castle

A Novel

Anne Montgomery


Dean Serravalle

August 2021

Always Play the Dark Horse

Sharon Healy-Yang

Hamer’s Quest

Jack Walker

Blood Brother

A Memoir

Susan Keller

Slip Soul

A Novel

Taylor Garcia

We Are Family

Understanding Mental Health for Children and Young Adults

Stephanie Campbell

July 2021

The Game

A Novella from

The Blood Trilogy

Chris DeFazio

Both Then and Now

Both/And Book 2

Michelle Thorne

Second Son

A Novel of the Deep South

Herman Willis Logan

Continued by Kathleen Parrish


To Love a Sportsman, Book 2

Pamela Q. Fernandes

Seventh Generation

Steve Prentice

I, Hunter

John Wick meets memento in this “kill or be killed” action-packed thriller.

Jack Polo

June 2021

May 2021