New Releases

Sapphire Stars: Poems by Christie Leigh Babirad released November 24.

The Yuletide Caper by J. L. Salter released November 20.

Conversations with Ellen by Christ Defazio released November 20.

A Life for Barabbas by Stan Escott released October 30.

Misery Rock by Reagan Keeter released October 30.

Something In Madness by Ed Protzel released on October 23.

Waverly Estate: The Murmur by M.T. Maliha released on October 23.

The Window by Kellista Rae Keaton released on October 12, 2020.

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The Green Triangle by Rachel Homard released on October 9, 2020.

Dani’s Infero by Scott M. Rutherford released September 25.

The White Field by Douglas Cole released September 18.

Weak and Wounded, Sick and Sore: Stories of Pity, Love, and Power (Second Edition) by Margo Martin Rhodes was released July 31.

Both Darkness and Light by Michelle Thorne was released on July 24.

The King of Minear’s Son by R.J. Passer was released July 17.

Siege of Knoxville: An Alphonso Clay Mystery of the Civil War Book 2  by Jack Martin was released on July 10.

chapel street cover photo

Chapel Street by Sean Paul Murphy was released on July 3.

Do No Harm by James B Cohoon was released June 29.

The Trebors by Caroline C. Barney was released June 1.