What All Writers Can Learn From Harry Potter


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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was published June of 1997 in the United Kingdom. Quickly gaining popularity, the Harry Potter series became a worldwide phenomenon, garnering fans from all over the world. It’s safe to say that this book … Continue reading

My Characters Know the Story Better Than I Do By Kaye Schmitz


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Cinderella and I were born in the same year, so needless to say…she has always been my favorite Disney princess. For my birthday several years ago, in fact, my husband gave me a dinner at the top of her castle … Continue reading

Politics, Passion, and Point of View By Kathryn Brown Ramsperger


When I began writing The Shores of Our Souls, I knew my choice of point of view was critical. Point of view can make or break a story of interplay between cultures. I started the novel in my protagonist Dianna’s … Continue reading

Seems Mighty Suspicious By J.L. Salter


Sometimes things are unnecessarily confusing. Especially when one spouse is a slightly paranoid mystery buff (who’s seen almost every Hollywood classic film from the 1930s and 1940s) and the other spouse is suddenly acting quite suspiciously.             [Note: this is slightly embellished from … Continue reading