An “Interview” with Douglas Wells, author of The Secrets of All Secrets


Interviewer: How would you describe your work? Wells: Demented, but in a good way. Interviewer: Where did the idea of The Secrets of All Secrets come from? Wells: Firstly, so that readers won’t think I’m an insufferable prig, I’m going … Continue reading



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by Juliet Haines Mofford I have been on the trail of fugitive slave Josiah Henson (1789-1876) since working as Director of Education & Research at Andover Historical Society in Massachusetts.  I first came across this amazing fellow during my extensive … Continue reading

Creating Exceptional Characters by S.K. Derban


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Before a writer can effectively introduce any new character, that character must be created. Imagine reading about a woman with beautiful blue eyes, only to read later about the same woman with green eyes. It is easy for an author … Continue reading