TouchPoint Press, a traditional royalty paying publisher of digital and print fiction and nonfiction, strives to be innovative and energetic in all we do from acquisitions to promotion before and after publication.

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Our staff is comprised of professionals whose collective experience in publishing, editing, journalism, design, and marketing set the stage behind our growing list of fiction and nonfiction titles.

Meet the TouchPoint Team


Sheri Williams
Owner & Publisher

Sheri Williams has worked in the publishing industry for over 20 years. A former literary agent, Williams began her publishing career working as a freelance assistant to an Oregon agency. She has held a number of positions including writer, editor, copy editor, copywriter, proofreader, reviewer and research specialist for many online and print media including Harcourt. She has created strong connections in both the publishing and entertainment industries. Sheri received the Most Innovative Publishing Businesswoman (South-Central USA) Award in 2020. Her educational background is Journalism, Creative Writing, Business Administration, and Criminal Justice. She’s an arts and crafting freak and frequently details her projects through posts and amateur (aka horrid) videos with her sister on their Garage Girls Facebook page. She is a mom to four grown children (Granny to 6 grandchildren) and a number of four-legged dependents.

Ashley Carlson, Senior Editor, Media Liaison, Deputy Publisher of Faith Imprint 

Ashley Carlson
Deputy Publisher, Senior Editor

Ashley Carlson has been a book lover from an early age. She studied Journalism for two years before she realized that publishing was her true passion. She earned a BA in English Literature from Grand Canyon University. She has worked with TouchPoint in some capacity for six years. She started as an intern and moved up to associate editor, followed by senior editor. She also managed the publicity and acquisitions departments. She has loved watching and helping TouchPoint grow and cannot wait to see what the future holds. She would love to see the Faith imprint grow and is a sucker for a good romance or historical fiction. YA is also a growing passion for her as her two children get older. Ashley is a Navy wife who lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Please send any queries to ashley.carlson@touchpointpress.com.

Kimberly Coghlan
Senior Editor, Acquisitions

With over ten years’ experience in editing, Kimberly Coghlan is a veracious editor who knows how to make every word count. Kimberly has worked as an editor for several publishing companies, and she owns a small writing company in Mississippi. Before opening her own company, Kimberly worked in secondary education as an English teacher. She has a BS in English Education and an MA in English. She still teaches writing courses at her local community college. Kimberly lives in Mississippi with her husband Craig, daughter Riley, and two furry children, Rookie (a Miniature Schnauzer) and Rebel (a Boxer).

Editorial Team

Becky Marietta
Associate Editor

Becky Marietta grew up in Kenya, East Africa, reading everything she could get her hands on. Becky is now a resident of northeast Oklahoma and has been a college writing instructor for over fifteen years. With a BA in English and an MA in English with a Creative Writing emphasis, she has perfected the art of knowing what works in writing and what needs a little help. As a freelance editor, Becky has worked on all sorts of written material, from non-fiction books, children’s books, and novels, to college research papers, academic theses, plays, and short works of fiction. As a published author of short stories, personal essays, poetry, and one book to date (White River Red: A Novel), she also knows what it feels like to be on the other side of the editing process, and she seeks, in the most gracious way possible, to help authors make their work shine. Her specialty, because it’s what she writes and likes to read the most, is fiction, and she is particularly drawn to historical and southern fiction. She takes great satisfaction in collaborating with her authors and watching their books, in their best form, go out into the world to be read and enjoyed by all.

Liam Lassiter
Associate Editor

William (Liam) Lassiter is an editor with a passion for stories – the telling, the making, and the beauty therein. Liam has been a writer ever since he could pick up a pen, and took that into his professional life where he later got his Bachelors in English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing from the University of Richmond. His passions soar wherever storytelling is involved, but has a particular passion for LGBTQ+ stories and multicultural backgrounds; stories that historically have not gotten the attentions they deserve, he will give undivided. Of course all genres being equal, fantasy is his tried and true favorite; to Liam, every story could benefit with a dragon.

Jenn Haskin
Associate Editor

Jennifer Haskin desires to help authors with their writing journey. She spent a few years learning the ropes of the publishing world as a literary agent, and then a publishing consultant, helping authors ready their submission materials to get the best shot at the contract of their dreams. An author herself, she markets her YA fantasy romance trilogy and is always writing a new series, all while blogging her own journey weekly with writing, editing, publishing and marketing advice. Books are pretty much her thing. She runs a weekly writers’ workshop, and is honored to be a judge for the annual Ink & Insights contest. Come find her on social media and say hi @haskinauthor.

Kelly Esparza
Associate Editor

Kelly Esparza is a California-based editor and writer who holds a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. She has a love of books and is passionate about helping authors get their stories told and their writing published. Kelly has worked as an intern at Sonora Review and Free State Review and as an associate editor at Exposition Review. She is also a published poet, children’s book author, essayist, and professional screenwriter. She hopes to get her first novel published soon and has a soft spot for everything fiction. Her favorite genres to read and write are YA, dystopian, fantasy, and romance.

Scott Bury
Associate Editor

Scott Bury is a professional editor, journalist and writer. Over the past 30+ years, his work has appeared in publications in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. These publications include The Financial Post, Applied Arts, Macworld and Business 2.0. He has also edited books, magazines, newsletters, websites, e-books, and other print and electronic publications. Scott has published ten fiction and non-fiction books of his own, including the bestsellers Army of Worn Soles and The Bones of the Earth.

Mallory Matthews
Associate Editor

Mallory Matthews can’t stop reading. She enjoys writing but is most passionate about editing, and making manuscripts the best they can possibly be. She loved her English undergrad and especially her Philosophy studies. She is especially interested in Mystery and Suspense genre fiction but has a soft spot for Sci-Fi and Historical Fiction as well, and isn’t afraid of a good nonfiction. She has been interested in a literary career since primary school and is proud to have found her niche as an editor for TouchPoint.

Adrian Howard
Associate Editor

Adrian enjoys reading books containing vivid sensory details, an intriguing plot, compelling characters, and a plot twist—when executed well. He writes and edits his own short stories, and crafts and publishes blog posts. With a BA in Communications, he aspires to work in publishing to enhance his skills as a writer and editor. He dislikes sloppy writing with grammatical errors, improper punctuation, and dull descriptions.

Cayla Faulkner
Associate Editor

Ever since discovering the Junie B. Jones series when she was a kid, Cayla has been drawn to the world of literature and the immense comfort and new perspectives it never fails to give her. From a young age, she knew that she desired to have a career within the world of book publishing. She now has a B.A. in English Literature and a Certificate in Editing and Publishing from the University of Central Florida. What she loves most about books is that not only do they allow us to learn more about the human experience, they also allow an individual to not feel alone in their own struggles or emotions. Her favorite genres range from a gushy contemporary romance to a dark, hair-raising thriller. She has joined TouchPoint Press as an opportunity to dip her toes into the world of editing for fiction and nonfiction, and to sharpen her editing abilities.

Elizabeth Constantineau
Associate Editor

Elizabeth Constantineau is a Florida based editor who is working towards her B.A. in English. She has previously interned at Penn State University Press, where she got to experience the world of publishing firsthand and helped edit a nonfiction book. She has always aspired to have a career in publishing and is fueled by helping writers realize their dreams. She is a lifelong lover of reading and writing herself and also enjoys making macramé.

Kaitlyn Kelley
Associate Editor

Kaitlyn Kelley is a technically minded editor who loves the fantastical. After getting degrees in both Aerospace Engineering and Professional Writing, she was drawn to the writing and editing aspects of any job. Kaitlyn has edited and written everything from proposals and white papers to poems and memoirs. Got a sci-fi novel? She’d love to check the math for your orbital mechanics. Kaitlyn often edits from her dining room in Colorado with a cat on her lap and a dog.

Eleonora Masala
Associate Editor

Eleonora Masala is an Italy-based, multilingual editor who loves books that make a difference. After receiving her degree in Publishing, Media and Journalism, she moved to the UK and worked as a literary assistant and publishing consultant helping authors sharpen their storytelling and advocating for their stories. Her favorite genres are literary and contemporary fiction, but she also loves thought-provoking non-fiction. She’s looking for stories that encompass psychologically complex and unique characters who have something to say, stories that dare to be controversial, real, and free of stereotypes, and stories that don’t settle for easy narrative standards. 

Creative Team

David Ter-Avanesyan
Cover Designer

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, David began his impressionable life being born into the Smukrovich and Ter-Avanesyan families of well-known fine artists. His natural ability has been passed down from his long lineage of relatives: David’s parents as well as his uncle are established contemporary artists; also his grandfather and great-grandfather were well recognized painters in Europe. In 1989 his family decided to immigrate to the United States. As he grew older, he became mesmerized and intrigued by the graphic arts. He used his early childhood memories to cast new perceptions into his artwork. Soon he began to expand his talents in the field of graphic design. David attended the School of Visual Arts where he received his BFA in Graphic Design. For over 18 years now, David’s main focus has been designing book covers for major publishing companies. His skills are not limited to graphic design, he also has a very keen eye and distinctive hand in etching. Whenever David is not working, he is taking a course to further his etching skills. In whatever craft he is engaging, David has the gift to visualize a masterpiece before he starts working. Once his creation meets fruition, the results are astonishing. In effect, whoever witnesses his work, is left in a state of awe and mystery.

Brittni Laquidara

Brittni grew up in Upton, MA and now lives in that same small town with her husband and their two young daughters. She received a BFA in modern dance from UMass Amherst, after which she danced professionally for a contemporary dance company for five years until having her twin girls. Since then, she has been delving into her passion for children’s books and all things visual art. She is currently working on writing and illustrating a couple of her own books, as well as a fun mural commission. She also works as an intricate carver in Providence, RI’s annual Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular art show.  Brittni is thrilled to have the honor of bringing stories to life through illustration at Touchpoint Press.

TouchPoint Press also works with other freelance illustrators and designers. Interested in joining the team? Apply here.