TouchPoint Press accepts proposals from authors and agents.

Prospective authors and agents interested in our publishing process and terms can find answers to our FAQs. If you have a question not listed and answered here, please submit inquiries to Submission questions should be directed to

How long have you been in business?
TouchPoint Press is an emerging publisher launched in 2013. To meet the TouchPoint staff, browse the bios on our About page.

Are you an e-book or digital-only publisher?
While digital is standard, we publish physical books in a variety of formats and audio books.

What about promotion? Distribution? What do you do for your authors?
TouchPoint aggressively promotes all titles. Each title receives a specific marketing strategy involving a variety of resources and venues. For instance, TouchPoint e-books can be found via,, GooglePlay, iTunes, Kobo, OverDrive, and other online retail and distribution outlets. Print titles (all formats) are distributed to major online and physical retailers, bookstores, and libraries through Ingram. We also utilize professional bloggers to review titles, interview authors, and otherwise share the excitement of new releases. Our publicity staff solicits reviews from major reviewers such as Kirkus, The New York Times, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, and other print and online publications. We also provide ARCs (Advance Reading Copies) to professional reviewers.

TouchPoint maintains a website and utilizes a large pool of social media. We encourage our authors to do the same as this is becoming a widely preferred method of both communicating with readers and sharing publishing news.

Do you pay advances?
We do not pay advances against future royalties at this time.

What are your standard royalties?
We believe our royalties are competitive when compared to industry standards. On digital titles, authors receive 40% net. On print (all formats), authors receive 15% net on the first 10,000 copies sold and 20% thereafter on World English. While TouchPoint often has an interest in other rights, acquired rights will vary by title. Unless otherwise specified, all royalty percentages are net.

What is the standard time from acceptance to publication?
Depending on the book format, TouchPoint will publish all new titles within 18 months from the date the final manuscript copy is received and approved. Digital-only titles, of course, are released quicker with the general turn around time being about 6 months depending on the time it takes to edit, design cover art, and put the promotional plan together.

What do you publish?
We publish fiction and nonfiction. We have a wide interest in many genres and subgenres for all ages. However, we do not publish poetry or erotica. Simply explained, TouchPoint does not “specialize” in one area. We seek stellar writing, compelling stories, and authors with a drive for success. We are happy to consider stand-alone titles and series. To see what we’ve acquired lately and receive updates, follow our blog.

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