Cheryl Babirad

Cheryl Babirad lives on Long Island with her husband, son-Robert, daughter-Christie Leigh, and Jack Russell Terrier- Alistair. She earned her Master’s Degree in Education from Adelphi University and taught in the North Babylon School District, where she and her children grew up, for thirty-nine years! Cheryl taught Kindergarteners for most of those years, but also taught first and second graders. Cheryl loves reading, writing, and playing the piano, which she did daily in her classroom with the children who sang and danced along! She is forever grateful to God for the opportunity to teach and influence young lives in a positive way, her parents for the traditional values of faith and family they instilled in her, the dedicated educators who influenced her teaching early on, the many children who came into her life throughout her years of teaching and their parents, many of who are still in contact along with their sons and daughters!

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When Jennifer Ella Rose starts kindergarten, she learns that not everyone will be friendly and not all attempts to befriend someone will be successful. Will Jennifer Ella Rose conquer kindergarten by doing the best she can?

  • Written by former elementary school teacher, Cheryl Babirad, the Jennifer Ella Rose series is a perfect tool for in-class, virtual, and homeschool learning.
  • Includes discussion prompts and suggested vocabulary words.

“. . . a fun and educational picture book . . . a pleasure to read . . . Cheryl Babirad has created a page-turning story that will teach children an important lesson . . . I loved the characters’ interactions, especially when Jennifer and Jackie show their jelly faces to each other; children will laugh their socks off! ”