Gina Napoli


Gina Napoli is a professional writer, full-time Mom, Christian, lifelong learner, and homemade soap artisan. Gina’s goal is to retire to a place where floor wax and dusting aren’t required. She would also like to fit back into non-Mom jeans. Instead of working out, you can find her online pretty much all day. Her writing style is versatile, with strength in non-fiction, features, and humor.
Native to the suburbs of Harrisburg, Gina enjoys being an agri-tourist and practicing accents from other parts of the world. Her life revolves around her family, writing, and finding new and inventive things to add and quickly subtract from her bucket list.
In addition to her brand-new “Clunk on the Head: How the Holy Spirit Got Our Attention,” Gina Napoli has writing featured in two book anthologies: “A Community of Writers” and “Bitter Sweet.” Her credits in Christian publications include Pockets, Guardian Angel Kids, and A Secret Place. She publishes regularly in two regional publications: TheBurg and Business Woman, the Pennsylvania-wide online magazine Keystone Edge. Over 200 of her pieces appear in almost 60 different print and electronic venues. In her spare time, she makes homemade soaps and lotions, and coordinates IT projects for the Department of Defense.

Books by Gina Napoli

Clunk on the head