Creativity By Sean van der Wath

I started writing in the hopes that I might change the world with my words. Big hopes for any one man in the world today, I know. But as I started thinking about my past intention in recent times I realized that it was the single most important thing that made me unique. And I guess at the end of the day all of us need something that sets us apart, that speaks to us deep within assuring us that we are special in our own way. Without sounding too political one has to give credit where credit is due and the media I feel, installing the idea of the prefect consumer in the collective mind of society has been the worst enemy of that knowledge of individuality in us.

And so the question remains; how does one listen to your inner self through all the mind created static that we have tortured ourselves with through the bulk of our lives.

And I say to you that there is one thing that stills the mind and aligns your very soul with your material body; creativity.

The stories I wrote came to me from being inquisitive and just being in a certain place in a certain time; experiencing what is around me as vividly as possible. I got the idea from Nether from an online scientific webpage. I am fascinated by black holes in space and the idea about a mini black hole following someone around kept appearing in my mind. From the original idea the story kind of started breathing on its own. Tainted was based on a farmstead I stayed at when I was in my early teens. I was pretty sure it was haunted in the main house and the story I wrote basically draws a lot on the fear and dark expectations I had of the place. There were some really old buildings on the farm and the feeling I got from the place made a big impression on me on an emotional level. It is in actual fact from that feeling (which a lot of times border on surrealistic images waiting to be born into thoughts) that I create from.

Creativity is the single most important gift humanity has received that goes unpracticed in most of us. To be creative is to be divine and each of us has it within us. It is the life of God that upon our call can flow through us in sweet divinity. But be warned it is a powerful force that might take you into the deepest reaches of your mind or into the endless light of your spirit. Your job is to surrender to that power and let it lead you where it might, always trusting that what it wants to show you, is exactly what you need to see. I believe that to be creative and to practice your art form should at the very basis be for yourself. You should never try to paint, write, sculpture or perform any kind of art in the hopes of gaining material wealth or fame. A tainted intention such as this could only result in tears, at one point or another. Creativity should be practiced with nothing in mind but the deafening silence of your intuition. I have to be honest and say that I have at more times than once imagine myself a world renowned writer. And it is only when I realized that I should not write in such vanity that I truly opened myself up to the endless possibilities which lie in the practicing of art without the mind created constraints of modern society. Once again see fame and fortune.

I cannot provide you with any scientific proof for my words, because there is no proof of spirit. But I can assure you that this message comes from love and the hope that each one of us might one day be exercising our creative intent within every moment of our lives. Remember that creativity in any form is a doorway into yourself. Let it lead you to your peace.

About Sean:

Sean van der Wath grew up in a small rural town in the heart of South Africa. After graduating from High School he took up a career in the mining industry, where he works in until this day. He has been an avid reader of mainly science fiction and horror novels from a young age and started opening the door to his own creative writing intent in his early twenties; writing mostly in his spare time. He currently lives in Hartbeespoortdam, South Africa, with his fiancé and two kids.

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