Tavi Black’s Where Are We Tomorrow? Named NIEA Finalist for Literary Fiction

Author Tavi Black’s novel Where Are We Tomorrow? (TouchPoint Press, 2022) has been named an NIEA Finalist for Literary Fiction.

Where Are We Tomorrow? follows Alex Evans, a thirty-six year old touring electrician, who discovers through an accidental pregnancy and then the pain of miscarriage that she truly wants a family. But to attempt another pregnancy, she’ll have to change both her career and her relationship; her partner, ten years her senior, isn’t prepared to become a father again. The book explores, through the stories of 5 women on tour, the gap between proving that women are men’s equals and women reclaiming traditional gender roles. This is a book about overcoming fear and embracing each person’s true nature. All set backstage at a rock show.

Tavi Black lives on an island near Seattle where she designs sets for the ballet, works as the tour manager for a musical mantra group, and has founded an anti-domestic violence non-profit organization. Before earning an MFA from Lesley University, Tavi spent 14 years touring with rock bands. Where Are We Tomorrow? was the 1st place winner of the 2016 PNWA Mainstream Fiction Contest and was also a finalist in the Nicholas Schaffner Award for Music in Literature. Several of Tavi’s short stories have been shortlisted for prizes, including Aesthetica Magazine’s Competition, and the Donald Barthelme Prize for Short Prose.

You can find Tavi at Goodreads and Facebook.

Website: http://www.taviblack.com/

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