Brandon Hatten

Brandon Hatten grew up in a small town in Southern Indiana and has always longed for magic and adventure. He began his creative journey at childhood with the creation of his first comic strips with the intention of becoming a professional comic book artist. By his teen years, however, he had begun writing short stories based on real-life and fantastical elements. He continued writing short stories–sometimes by hand–through high school.
Brandon joined the Army National Guard and then went to college for Business. The
incredible people that he has been fortunate to interact with serve as a basis for the character development in all of his story ideas. He has traveled to more than a dozen countries around the world, for both schooling in Economics and for the military, and has held jobs in customer service, sales, college admissions, as a business consultant, and is currently a qualified Financial Advisor. His true passion in life, however, is sharing spellbinding stories. He has a passion for almost everything from fantasy to history and romance to tragedy; there isn’t a genre that Brandon isn’t interested in writing about! Everything that he sees and hears is subject to contributing to a compelling new story idea. As an avid reader, he jumps back and forth between nonfiction (usually history and self-development) and any form of fiction.

In 2016, Brandon published his first novel. Since then, he has written ten more books and
short stories and has more than one-hundred story ideas in various stages of development. He currently lives with his wife, who is also a fantastic storyteller and creative professional, and their four, furry pets. They have traveled together for years but are settling down, once again, in Southern Indiana near their families.