Krista Wagner

Krista WagnerKrista Wagner, a mother of three and wife of TJ, has been writing since she was seven. She started out writing songs and plays and then graduated to poetry during her teen years. In high school, she was on the staff of her literary magazine, co-authored her own zine, and began to write numerous short stories, mostly dealing with dramatic instances like murder or kidnapping.

Krista received her BA in English from UMBC in 1999, her MA in English Comp. with a Literature Concentration from CSUSB in 2008, and an MFA in Creative Writing from National University in 2013. Since 2008, Krista has been an English adjunct instructor.

In 2012, Krista started work on her first novel in and completed it during a summer road trip in 2013. She enjoys suspenseful films, reading the Bible, and spending time with her family.

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