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Linda Nielsen worked as a model in Chicago, did TV commercials then managed a temporary employment firm. She moved to Monterey, California and founded California Contemporaries where she employed over five hundred temporary people a year in Monterey, Carmel and Pacific Grove. From the many people that passed through her offices, she discovered bits and pieces of personalities that she uses to this day in developing characters.

Being a business owner, Linda was asked to work in a voluntary position with the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce where she served as the military representative. Her responsibilities were to interface with the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, DLI, Naval Post Grad and Presidio representing the Monterey Peninsula.

Along with attending luncheons Linda was often asked to participate in activities. Nielsen visited many water crafts ranging from aircraft carriers to surface submarines to seven mast ships from foreign countries, as well as coast guard vessels. She attended military ceremonies, where she welcomed home troops, went to formal balls and numerous activities at the Presidio, as well as participated in Fleet Week. One year Linda was sent to San Fran to meet the Battleship USS MISSOURI to honor the signing of the Peace Treaty for WW2. She was aboard when it steamed out of port, under the Golden Gate Bridge, to end up back in Monterey for the Fleet Week Ceremony. Due to rough seas she had to be handed down a “Navy Ladder” where she boarded a small boat and was taken to shore to attend the ceremony at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Linda met the man of her dreams in Carmel, and when they retired they moved to a small community close to wine country in the Sierra Foothills where they live on top of a mountain with seven furry critters and limited cell reception.  At last, she has time to write!

Her first book, Lasso the Stars, was published in 2011 under L.L. Nielsen. Her novel Because I’m Worth It was released through TouchPoint Press in March 2018 and its sequel, Life Rolls Along, was released in November 2021.

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Because I’m Worth It