October releases, an eclectic mix

In case you missed it, we released several titles already in October with more to come throughout the month. There’s certain to be a title or two to satisfy your reading hunger.

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Just Paying the Rent

Just Paying the Rent by Shyla Lukens
Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit, Mystery romance
(eBook October 4, 2013; paperback February 2014)

This one has a little bit of everything: a protagonist many contemporary women can relate to, a couple of hot leading men, belly-rolling humor, and murder!

A maintenance woman at a low-end complex in downtown Chicago, Jessie Billows has always been good at fixing things. It’s relationships that give her trouble. She usually spends quiet nights alone in her apartment—when her boisterous and somewhat potty-mouthed best friend Trish isn’t visiting—trying not to think about the love life she doesn’t have. Of course, there’s Eddie, the hot Latino shop owner Jessie calls when a problem is too big for her to handle. Their relationship has been nothing more than heavy flirting until a brief encounter that leaves Jessie wondering what it means. Then everything changes. There’s been a murder at the complex and on the scene is the sexy British Detective Devan Winters. Jessie’s boring life instantly changes to focus on the murder, a missing tenant, and a something she never expected: a love triangle.

A History in Blood (The Blood Trilogy, #1)

A History in Blood by Chris DeFazio
Adult Supernatural Thriller
(eBook October 4, 2013; trade paper February 2014)

Sometimes being a vampire isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Julian Brownell, a two thousand-year-old vampire, is learning that the hard way. The depression and divorce in his banal, pretend-human life was bad enough. But when he decides to burst back onto the vampire scene, things go from bad to worse as he finds himself firmly in the sights of the deadliest vampire hunter of all time.

A History in Blood depicts a world where vampire culture and politics reside peacefully beside the world above ground, a world where vampires don’t adhere to the erroneous traditional lore. Stakes to the heart cannot kill them—only fire or decapitation. Although popular opinion suggests that garlic and sunlight are fatal to them, in truth, these are more like allergies that affect them to varying degrees. Against this backdrop, and with a healthy dose of humor, the story follows Titus Acilius (a.k.a. Julian Brownell, aka Christian Beauparlant, aka Texas Jack, aka any number of alternate identities) on his journey to protect the people he loves from harm even as he searches for the answers to his ancient-life crisis.

For No Apparent Reason

For No Apparent Reason by S.K. Derban
Debut, Inspirational Mystery Romance
(eBook October 11, 2013; paperback January 2014)

A focused law student, romance has been absent from Madison’s life. She has successfully planned each phase of her life and resigned to the fact that there will be plenty of time for love after she passes the bar exam—that is, until the single act of seeking shelter from a spring downpour dramatically alters the course of her life. Madison is lured away from the security of law school into a world where she learns about the destructive nature of greed. Thrust in a maze of money laundering and murder, Madison experiences the value of true friendship and witnesses the healing power of love.

Walk With Me

Walk With Me by Martin McCorkle
Memoir, Wilderness Adventure, Encouragement
(eBook October 18, 2013; paperback February 2014)

Walk With Me is an enjoyable, uplifting story of a man who, driven by a passion for high places, overcomes the limitations of muscular degeneration and walks 1,700 miles through the state of California on the Pacific Crest Trail.

As a wilderness tale, there are plenty of death-fall ice chutes, hungry bears and stunning landscapes to please the arm-chair hiker. As an “overcoming a disability” story, there is a constant source of conflict in Martin’s dream to hike through his home state.  As a “boy becomes a man” story, Martin falls in love, gets married, raises kids and finds God along his way north.

Substitute Angel

Substitute Angel by Tim Best
Adult Paranormal Mystery Romance
(eBook October 25, 2013; hardcover February 2014)

When a man accidentally injures an angel sent to prevent a murder he reluctantly agrees to help, a decision that forces him to face his past, thrusts him into a situation that could very well be the end of him, and wakens him to the realization that there really is a purpose to all things in life.

Substitute Angel has the heart of City of Angels sprinkled with a light dose of Bruce Almighty humor.

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